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As your Membership Promotion (MP) and Young Engineers in ASHRAE (YEA) chair, please allow me to extend my sincere gratitude to all of the members who help keep ASHRAE strong!  I am looking forward to another exciting year full of excellent programs and events in your Long Island Chapter of ASHRAE. 

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Lee Feigenbaum.  Following 10 years of honorable military service and multiple deployments I transitioned to the HVAC industry in 2008, and I began my adventure with ASHRAE shortly thereafter.  I’m currently a Project Director for P.J. Mechanical Corp., an HVAC contractor in NYC.

Through the years I’ve learned that ASHRAE is an exceptional organization that is driven by talented and dedicated people.  As your Membership Promotion/ Young Engineers in ASHRAE chair, I’ve set three simple goals for the year that I believe will help your Long Island Chapter of ASHRAE maintain momentum, strength and relevance as we move into the future.  I call these goals “The 3R’s.”  They are:

1.       Recruit

2.       Retain

3.       Reward


While it is important to recruit talented new people into this tremendous organization, it is equally important to retain the talented people who have already committed to shaping the HVAC industry through their affiliation with ASHRAE.  It is my goal to accomplish this by rewarding both new and old members with upgrades, recognition, and events.  I am certain that we will have fun and good times along the way! 

If you ever have any questions about the benefits of ASHRAE membership, or if you’re curious about opportunities to get involved, you are welcome to contact me at 

For important information about upcoming events and membership news, be sure to check out the membership sectionof our monthly newsletter.     


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Lee Feigenbaum,  LEED  AP  BD+C
YEA Activities Committee Chair


    Donate your old Handbooks   

Please bring your old handbooks to the meetings for donations to our student members who do not have complete sets at this time. Lee Feigenbaum will be collecting them.