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H i s t o r y

  Andrew B Dubel

Hello members, as we are all aging in our own unique ways which probably means we have lived through and observed much advancement in our field. We often tell people we think much the same now as we did when we were young but just say NO a little more. Instead of slowing down the older we get, it seems that the years behind us make us now come to decisions faster and more accurately.

Why do we study history? The study of history honors the people, accomplishments of the past and guides us to learn from the mistakes as well as the successes. They say history tends to repeat itself, would you expect our field to be any different?

Do you ever think about how what is happening today will be perceived in tomorrow’s history? Will the numbers we use today like watts per sq ft for lighting loads; BTU’s per sq ft etc. seem ridiculously high at a later date? Will the now high efficiency equipment we use today be outlawed as low efficiency at a later date? When, if ever, will fossil fuels not be used for heating/cooling/generation etc?

How much smoother things would be if we knew where we were heading and when. Forecasting the future is hard but some things are inevitable and we should plan for them. We should not use the excuse we did not know or nobody told us when we should be able to read the writing on the wall from our studies of the past.

We will be exploring the time line of our industry in this column over the next year. We will interview some of our members and get their thoughts and will take suggestions for topics. Please feel free to contact us at anytime to pass on your wisdom.

As all other historians have asked, if you have some old photographs or other chapter memorabilia please pass it on for copying or making part of our historical collection.

Do you know how reading and memorizing the History column in each month’s flier will get you one or more bottles of wine at the June meeting? Study your history and see. We hope to see you at the meeting. To see the latest article in the newsletter click here.

Andrew B. Dubel, P.E.
History Chairman