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Chapter Technology Transfer Committee (CTTC)

      Don Kane   

           For those who may not be familiar with the role of the CTTC in Chapter operations, a brief summary follows of my background and the functions of the CTTC. For those who ARE familiar with CTTC, you can skip to the end for an email link, should you need to contact me.

          On a personal level, I have a multi-discipline engineering background (electrical and mechanical) and have been a licensed Professional Engineer, registered in New York for 39 years. My work experience has included positions at; Underwriters Laboratories, Long Island Lighting Company, Penske-GM Power, Long Island Rail Road and, presently, Nassau Suffolk Engineering & Architecture. A relative newcomer to ASHRAE, I joined the L.I. Chapter in 2006 and have gotten progressively more involved with Chapter operations, taking on the role of CTTC Chair starting with the 2011-2012 chapter year.

          The prime mission of the CTTC is to facilitate the interchange of technical information between members, especially technology that may be on the fringe at the moment, but may have mainstream applications in the offing. Ancillary functions include coordination with the Program Chair to ensure a series of meeting presentations which will have broad appeal to the Chapter membership. CTTC also encompasses the refrigeration segment of ASHRAE and efforts are made to address this segment of the Chapter membership.

          Two of the primary vehicles for this interchange are the monthly technical presentations given at our Chapter
meetings and the monthly CTTC column in each issue of our newsletter, the SOUNDER (to read the current newsletter
article, please click here). Previous months columns are also available for reading on the Chapter website. Generally, an attempt is made to coordinate the monthly newsletter topic with the upcoming meeting presentation, to pique one’s curiosity to further explore the topic in advance of the presentation, in order to make the information exchange more effective.

          After each of our meeting presentation, a summary report is prepared by the CTTC (based on the completed evaluation sheets handed out prior to each presentation) and forwarded to the RVC CTTC and the Regional Chapter Programs Chair. This information is used to identify presentations which may be of interest to other Chapters. The CTTC also coordinates the participation in the Distinguished Lecturer (DL) Program and, similarly to our regular presentations, provides feedback to the Society on the attendees’ response to the DL presentation.

          ASHRAE offers many learning opportunities, both web based and “in-person” training and the CTTC disseminates
information regarding the availability of these programs to the membership. This may take the form of a notice in
the Sounder (another good reason to read it from first page to the last) or an email notification where time is of the essence.

          For those members who have earned one of the six ASHRAE certifications (BEAP, BEMP, CPMP, HFDP, HBDP, OPMP), please make the CTTC committee aware of this so you may receive proper recognition for this achievement. For
those who are interested in pursuing one or more of these certifications, please contact the CTTC chair for additional information or follow the ASHRAE Certification link on the Chapter web site.

           Last, but not least, the CTTC acts as the Chapter coordination point for submission of candidates for the various
ASHRAE awards (both general awards and refrigeration-focused ones). This is an area for which the assistance of our members is needed to make us aware of viable candidates, both persons and projects. If you feel that a particular person or project is deserving of an award or, if you have questions as to what would be eligible, please contact the CTTC Chair, as noted below. Many of the ASHRAE awards have to be submitted by early September, making it important to get an early start for submission for the following year’s consideration.

          In summary, the CTTC facilitates the interchange of information, coordinates presentations and speaker
evaluations, coordinates award submissions and tracking of members earning ASHRAE certifications. For additional
information feel free to contact the CTTC chair at .

Don Kane, P.E.
CTTC Chair