ASHRAE® Long Island

American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers
ASHRAE Long Island Chapter 006

Board of Governors Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, December 13, 2016 - 5PM - Westbury Manor - Call to Order

Secretary (Bill Artis)
     > Meetings minutes - Comments/Additions– approval
President (Don Kane)
    > PAOE – PAOE- Please keep up with this on a monthly basis, so nothing gets overlooked.
    > Sounder - Please have all submissions to Liset by December 23rd; (Before Christmas) .
    > Web Site - Ongoing
    > CRC (Chapter) Reimbursement - Status
    > Banner/Patches Status points.

President-Elect/Programs (Andrew B. DuBel)
    > Programs schedule fully booked

Chapter Technology Transfer (Murat Bayramoglu) [min-450/par-1050/525]
    > Continue to publicize Society Certifications and Training opportunities in Sounder
    > Distinguished Lecturer

Treasurer (James Hanna)
    > Current Balance: $26,900.31
    > Outstanding balances remain for CRC/RP
    > Need to identify contact person for 2016 Region Assessment
    > Need to develop chapter budget status by January meeting.

CRC Treasurer (Don Kane)
    > Current Balance - $5,462.90
    > Expenses – None this month – Note: Lauren Kristy Deposit Check has not cleared yet.
    > Income – None this month

Grassroots Government Activities (Matthew Vitrano) [min-500/par-650/150]
    > Soliciting Meetings with local officials- Updating officials list

Historian (Michael Nigro) [min-100/par-300/185]
    > Need to digitize records; looking into dropbox or FTP type storage

Honors and Awards Chair (Brian Simkins)
    > No Update

Research Promotion (Frank Paradiso) [min-800/par-1050/345]
    > RP Balance at $4421

Refrigeration (Bill Artiss)
    > EJCLI Program submitted for February- counts towards CTTC PAOE

Membership Promotion (Bill Artiss) [min-500/par-800/370]
    > MP Event at Oyster Bay Brewing
    > New members for December:
              - Raymond Dipiero
              - Alex Valentino
              - Timothy Lawlor
              - Mathew Strobel

Student Activities James Hanna) [min-300/par-500/100]
    > No Update.
YEA (Elizabeth Jedrlinic)
    > Go-Kart YEA Event planned for Spring

Reception & Attendance (Mike Nigro)
    > No Change

Web Master
    > Continue forwarding emails to correct person until aliases are corrected.

CRC 2017 (Richard Halley)
    > Update on the event planning/Next Planning meeting- No December Meeting
    > Need to setup website for CRC- Bill Artis to lead once budget established

Golf (Peter Gerazounis / Tom Fields)
    > No Updates

Old Business
    > Status of proposal for SUSB Student Travel to Winter Meeting?- Proposal no longer active

New Business
    > Tonight’s meeting – collection for Nancy Rosner/MSK;
                      - Split 50/50?

Time/Place of next BOG Meeting – January 10, 2017 -Westbury Manor - 5PM

 Motion to Adjourn

Bill Artis
Chapter Secretary,  2016-2017